Upcoming Events

WGM Katerina Rohonyan Simu - December 20th, 5:00pm

This will be a 15 board simultaneous event against WGM Rohonyan. Katerina has offered to help me with my scholastic chess work and was willing to come by and take on the club. Boy, will she be in for a surprise (most of us code better than we play chess … ok, Arun, maybe… never seen his code) :)

Chess sets and boards will be provided for this event. If you play, we request that you use an OCC set….. reason (for Mr. Jenkins)…. is that if every person is allowed to bring their own set, then you get events with "theme" sets or extremely small (but cool) little wood pieces (the famous Arun set). When playing a bunch of people, the GM should not have to try to figure out if Gen. Robert E. Lee is his king or if Frodo Baggins can hop over Orcs. Therefore, you will see sets provided for many Simu events. It also allows us organizers to arrange the boards better prior to the event's start.


Katerina's list of achievements is ridiculous:

1. US Woman Vice-Champion 2007
2. Ukrainian Woman Champion 2000 (and those guys are alot better than us)
3. Member of Ukrainian Olympic Chess Team, 2001-2004
4. 2 times European Team Champion
5. Vice-Champion of Europe among girls under 14
6. 4 times Ukrainian Champion among girls

For those of you who get US Chess Life, you will see you prominently in the US Woman's Championship article; a 10 game event which she did not drop a single game.

If you wish to afford yourself of this great opportunity to play one of the greats, please send me an Email and I will add you to the list below.

Current number of open seats: 2

Seat Player Name
1 Preetham Yellambalase
2 Chris Bain
3 Aedan Jenkins
4 Pradeep Singh
5 Kritika Singh
6 Aaditya Singh
7 Wes Groves
8 Chris Riviere
9 Umed Rawat
10 Kan Kan Yu
11 Karthik Chandrashekar
12 Jeff Levin
13 Poonam Singh

Scouting Report by Club Master Muralidharan

This is my scouting report:
a) As White she opens with 'e4'
b) As Black she loves to fianchetto her dark square bishop. This is in
response to e4 (Sicilian Dragon, Pirc), d4 (Benoni type setup) and c4
(King's indian, Guefeld, etc.). Since all of you are going to be
black, your best chance is to avoid fianchettoing the dark squared
bishop on g7 e.g.: avoid Dragon, Kings Indian defense, Guenfeld, Pirc,
c) Obviously at I cannot spot any meaningful weakness in someone so
much better than myself. But if were playing against her I would
typically aim for positions:
* with open centers and lots overworked pieces. Early in her
career she seemed to have problems with these sort of positions (try
the Petroff)
* equal material but imbalanced endgames (e.g.: bishop and two
pawns against rook, bishop vs knight, etc.)
* no queens on the board. I would try to exchange queens early.

d) I also notice that she is not fond of blowing past opponents. Her
plans are slow and methodical. She loves open files.
I would play the Petroffs against her e4. I think it is an ideal
weapon against her.

Foxwoods Open - March 2008

On March 19th - 23th join the club for an extravagant stay at the Foxwoods resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut. More information will be posted about OPNET Chess Club's involvement; however, the site below has information about the tournament.

BTW: Chairman already signed up!!


US Chess Center Quads - Dec. 2th

G/90 for a three game round-robin. Goto http://www.chessctr.org/quads.php for details.

Club Meetings

Play ladder events every Thursday at 6pm in the Consulting Break Room. People can show early (like at 5pm). I will be around. Please bring any games you would like to analyze. Free lessons to 4all those who wish to improve!!

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