Club Rules

Club Charter

# To promote chess through friendly competition.
# To provide a social environment the allows for making new friends within OPNET and the community.
# To have a good time.

Club Dues

There are no dues for the OCC for members who join prior to August 31st, 2007. Beginning of next year (2008), a fee of $10.00 USD is required from every member. The fee goes towards USCF affiliation, club chess sets and clocks, and trophies for tournaments. The OCC is a not for profit club.

Club Ladder Rules

OCC runs an "Open" club ladder for the Southern Division. The rules are simple. Anyone can challenge anyone that is on the ladder. Find your opponent and schedule a time to meet. The time control for your match can be anything greater and including G/10. Un-timed (no time control) games are allowed. Once your game has finished, please report your results to a Tournament Director (Chris Bain or John Farrar… see Club Officers). For Blitz or Bullet chess, a separate ladder will be formed if there is enough interest.

If a time control can not be decided upon by the two players, then the default time control will be G/30 Delay=5sec if available.

Club ratings will be adjusted for all ladder games using the Harkness Rating System.

Player color is decided by drawing lots or flipping a coin.

Higher rated players must always accept lower player invitations. If the lower player wins, the lower player will move to one rung above the higher player and the higher player will drop one rung below.

A player does not have to play more than two games in a month (accept two challenges).

In the case of a drawn game, the lower player will move to one rung below the higher player.

Inactive players who do not play a game within one month will automatically be dropped to the bottom of the ladder. All those who have played will be consolidated to the rungs above the inactive players. If a player does not play for two consecutive months, the player shall be removed from the play. The player is eliagable to rejoin the club, but most pay the yearly club dues again. Players that voluntarily leave the club will be removed from the ladder and all lower rungs will move up one.

The Tournament Director has final say in all disputes.

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