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The OCC is currently comprised of two divisions: Bethesda and Columbia. The Bethesda division is located in the heart of Bethesda at the OPNET head quarters. This division is made up of mainly OPNET employees, their friends, and families who enjoy playing chess. Regular meetings are held in the newly opened Consulting Cafe. The Columbia division has been setup for those OPNET employees, their friends, and family that primarily work in and around the Columbia, MD area. Meeting places are composed of Starbucks, food courts, and other public places.


WGM Katerina Rohonyan (Shieldmaiden of Rohan) Puts on an Impressive Display

The stage was set for WGM Rohonyan to play against the some of the OCC members this past Thursday at 5:00pm. Prior to the beginning of the exhibition, Katerina asked the participants what opening they would like her to play. This is typically a sign of trouble for those being asked!!

On an hour before the exhibition, Chairman John Farrar (Cpt. Faramir) challenged Katerina in a G/30 match that lasted all of 15 moves. Farrar, on advice from Club Master Arun, attempted an e4 opening with the hope of a Petroff Defense style of game. What he got in return was an opening he had never witnessed; the Sicilian Pelikan Variation. His army was quickly dispatched after move 10. See game [To Be Included].

The last player standing in the exhibition was Chris Riviere. A long time chess addict that spends more time reading Chess Life than breathing.

Pictures of the event and more commentary to come as well as the C&O Chess Center Scholastic Exhibition column.

2nd Rung Falls to Preetham

After a major miscalculation of a knight move, Mr. Yellambalase took the mistake to the bank with a win over Chairman Farrar. Preetham had just returned from his trip to India were he spent some intense training time at Mr. Anand's residence. His preparation did not not go unnoticed as his flawless end-game play sealed the deal and the win.

"Can Nothing Stop This Man!?!" - Arun is 9-0 in Simultaneous Event

11/8/2007 - OCC Club Master (USCF Expert) Arunkumar Muralidharan took apart, piece by piece, the OPNET Chess Club in a simultaneous chess event. Even the children were not spared as Arun eliminated Kritika and Aaditya Singh (his boss's kids no less) which were shown the "true meaning of the force".

Aedan Jenkins won top honors for being the last adult standing. Kritika Singh won the scholastic division with Aaditya Singh a close second. The Club Chairman was dismissed quickly "for his lack of vision" with the Sicilian Dragon; an ultra-sharp opening that rarely draws and a chairman favorite.

Aedan was able to hold out with an opening known as the London (Defense?); an opening unknown to this author.

The event was a good rehearsal for the upcoming December event against WGM Katerina Rohonyan


Even Fritz can't keep up with Arun… notice Karthik's laptop. And is someone touching his piece prior to Arun?? Chairman looks on in sheer wonder.

See Annotated Games at Published Games.

It's Official!! WGM Katerina Rohonyan to Visit the OCC

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Woman's Grandmaster (WGM) Katerina Rohonyan to our Club. She will pay us a visit for a 3-pass Simultaneous Event on Thursday, December 20th at 5:00pm. She will play a 15 board event. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to moc.liamg|rarraf.nhoj#moc.liamg|rarraf.nhoj as soon as possible. Seats are limited and will be going quick. We will setup in the Consulting Meeting room(s). A chess set is not required and one will be provided by the club. I will give OCC members priority.

Please see Upcoming Events for details.

October 14th - Chairman Farrar Draws WGM Katerina Rohonyan at UMBC Chess Festival

"Thank the great Gods for time constraints!!" was the last phase utter by Mr. Farrar as the famous "Kiev Killer" offered a draw in the final moments of the UMBC ChessFest Simu event. Although the game was surely White's, the Chairman was able to represent the OCC in fine fashion by drawing the U.S. Woman's Runner-Up Champion. Farrar employed his famous Sicilian Dragon which was answered by a surprising 5. Nc3 g6 6. g3 !?

"I have no freaking idea what she was doing with a 6. g3 Bg7 7. Bg2 0-0 opening. I have never seeing a fianchettoed king against the Dragon. Her queen side attack was very effective. I was holding on for dear life…. all you can do against a player of her caliber."

See the game (without yet comments) in the published games area.

October 8th - OCC Victorious at US Chess Center

The OCC won both QUAD II and III this past weekend at the US Chess Center in downtown Washington, D.C. Preetham Yellambalase scored a perfect 3.0 with wins against 1589 and 1389 (OCC Chairman). He had nerves of steel as he dismissed each opponent in turn. The Farrar v Yellambalase game was an incredible comeback after a total besiege of his king. Over time, he was able to withstand the assault and emerged victorious.

Arun Muralidharan remains UNDEFEATED in the USCF. He played in QUAD II, harder competition that last month, but managed the same results…. a perfect score of 3.0. With a current rating just under 2000, the results of this match should place him in the elite (expert level) of 2000+. Next month will be telling trial for Arun, as he is sure to be promoted to QUAD I, which contains some of the best in the D.C. metro area. "Can nothing stop this man!!!"

Arun Takes US Chess Center Quad

Our resident Club Master Arunkumar Muralidharan won the US Chess Center D.C. Quad this past Sunday (Sept. 9). The OCC was well represented:

Arun Muralidharan 3.0/3.0 ($$$)
John Farrar 2.0/3.0 ($$)
Preetham Yellambalase 0.5/3.0
Pradeep Singh 0.5/3.0

Next US Chess Center Quads will occur on October 14th. Please contact John Farrar if you are new to Quads and would like to play.

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